5 Ways to utilize illustrations leveraging your business


Most people might dismiss illustrations as simple, pretty pictures you see in magazines or children’s books, and are inappropriate for business because they’re not “serious enough.” However, with proper design, illustrations can be sophisticated enough to leverage your business, making your brand stand out and enhancing the visual appeal of your communication. They can fulfill a serious function in a playful way. Here are 5 ways to take advantage of illustrations in business:


  1. Character Illustration: Character illustrations, such as animals or people, infuse a lively personality into your brand identity. While others stick to serious and formal visuals, your brand stands out! The only limitation is the time it takes to develop a character that fits your brand best. Try starting by replacing the timeworn half-length photos in the “Meet The Team” section of your website with whimsical illustrations. See the difference!


  1. Logo illustration: A logo can be the face of your brand. It can offer strong visual recognition without lengthy, unnecessary details. An appropriate logo is extremely important when starting a new business, doing a brand extension, merging, or rebranding. Just keep in mind: simple is memorable!Primed_092214Beneficial1_092214oneBowl1_092214
  1. Icon Illustration: On your website, you may like to provide information about your services and products as detailed as possible. However, people just don’t enjoy a long list of services. Why not simplify the information with easy-to-understand icons to make it convenient for them to navigate?


  1. Scene illustration: A well-designed scene illustration (think backdrop) can enrich the customer experience of your brand and help you gain an advantage over brands that adhere to run-of-the-mill “template” backgrounds.3DMthumbs-600x380
  2. Infographic Illustration: Providing raw, unadorned data directly to could be off-putting. Instead, convert the data into stories! Infographic illustration is a practical tool for you to visualize the concepts for customers by articulating complicated ideas with simple and clear visuals.Zynx2_092214                             U.S. Federal Civilian Agencies Infographic V5


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