5 Ways to Visualize Your Big Idea

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Are you having a hard time finding ways of accurately conveying your complicated ideas? Actually, a proper visualization can help not only organize your ideas but also help your customers to understand your concept easily, which in turns enhances the efficiency and efficacy of your communication! Here are 5 practical ways to help you visualize your ideas!

1. Charts:

Digest your quantitative data and information first. Then, find the most essential information that your audience needs to know and show with well designed and easy-to-understand charts!

2. Timelines:

If you’d like to share ideas about histories or processes, a well-organized timeline would be extremely helpful to visualize them!

3. Infographics:

It’s right there in the name! Infographics can improve clarity by utilizing graphics to enhance a persons ability to see patterns and trends.

4. Mind Mapping / Concept Map:

You brainstorming flow is also a precious element to communicate with your audience. Document it, and show it to them! Don’t be afraid if it isn’t as organized as an infographic. Your mind mapping process can guide your customers to follow your rationale, and learn more about your ideas.

5. Sketch Noting:

Sketch noting is a more flexible way to convey your ideas. Hand-drawing and writing can give your ideas a sense of authenticity and humanity as well. The greatest thing is that you are able to do it with all the ways we just introduced! Besides, you can utilize animation technology to record the process in a video to make it more playful and interesting!


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