A Few Words from a Long-time Employee


I have worked for Cameron Design Group since 1987. Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. If you think that’s a long time, you’re right. And if you’re trying to figure out from that how old that makes me, well, you’re probably pretty close. Consider this: back when I was hired, there were no computers. The fax machine was a revolutionary device. Design and production was done with T-squares, triangles, Rapidiographs, rubber cement, and illustration boards. Interns were called “stat rats” because we kept them in a tiny, dark room all day with only a stat camera for company. The horse and buggy was the favored mode of transportation.

That last part’s not true, but everything else is. I have seen a lot of changes. There was this guy I used to work with who constantly bemoaned the advances technology brought. The refrain was that “in the old days you had to be good,” which meant — according to him, anyways — that classic approaches to design and the valuable manual skills won through experience and expertise were now made obsolete by any no-talent hack who could tap a few keys on a computer keyboard. I could kind of see his point, but the fact is, in order to succeed, you have always had to be good, and even while taking advantage of ground-breaking technological changes, things like solid creative concepts, skill, and talent are still paramount and missed if not present.

So I have seen a three-inch stack of mechanicals transmuted into bits and bytes and uploaded to an FTP site. But what has really changed? Because whether it’s cave paintings, stone tablets, print or web design, it still takes the artist and the craftsman. It still takes experience and expertise.

Through the years CDG has been a nimble and ever-evolving company. I know this because I’ve been here the whole time and I’ve seen so many companies our size fail while we have gone on and on. Personally, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. A friend of mine once described the ideal job as one that keeps you almost too busy and constantly challenges you to learn new things. That’s Cameron Design Group. Keeping me nimble since 1987.

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