The Team

A few words about us

Cameron Design Group offers a complete range of services from advertising to website design. We combine the latest technology with proven methods to provide marketing solutions that work.

We believe in our work. We believe that trust matters, integrity counts, and that values still mean something. We believe it is our job to make your job easier. We believe that good design is essential. We believe you must always be able to speak with a person and not just voice mail. We believe in our client relationships. We believe in the importance of maintaining these relationships.

We believe in ourselves.


Our Team


Nancy’s goal for every project done at Cameron Design Group is for thoughtful, quality work. She’s always wearing her positive attitude, bright ideas, and silk scarves to match! Her love for color is evident throughout her collection, which consistently boasts the latest Pantone colors.Her passion for design and typography is just as infectious in her daily life as it is present in all of her work. She never lets a beautiful font or a particularly wonderful set of colors go unnoticed. Nancy has never been one to overlook the little details, or to settle for anything less than her best. Her kids found this to be particularly true as she looked over school projects, or helped plan a wedding. She is always up for a trip to the art museum and a glass of wine, and she still hopes, like most of us do, to live life like a Norman Rockwell painting.


Cam believes the design world is about story telling and a consistency of message but he’ll also tell you building a business takes more than that, much more. The cornerstones need to be quality creative and responsive service at a fair value. That is his foundation for Cameron Design Group.

But what he believes truly sets CDG apart is what he calls ‘the humanity of our business’. For Cam it’s about building relationships. Gaining trust. Listening. Understanding. And delivering. It’s all of that and more. And our commitment to Cam’s philosophy has helped us work with some of the same companies for more than 20 years.

His handshake is his signature, his word and his guarantee. So it is for all of us. Yes, maybe it’s a bit old school but that wash’t such a bad place.

A graduate of Holy Cross, Cam is an avid painter, fisherman and golfer. He lives in Sudbury and does everything to avoid the rush hour. Everything.


John Thornquist started with Cameron Design Group in 1987. He would prefer people to think he was only teenager at the time and for that reason never allows anyone to look at his driver’s license. John began before computers replaced the T-square and Rapidiograph and will probably retire when neural implants and telekinesis replace the keyboard and mouse.John graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the “Harvard of Metro West,” Framingham State University. After stumbling around for a while doing this or that, he landed on our doorstep. His street credentials were in perfect order so we let him in. He’s been very hard to get rid of ever since.

John is hard-working, thorough, patient, and unfailingly polite. His wife reports that he eventually completes everything on her list. His daughters state that he gives in to everything after a while. Only John’s cat understands John. He always eats his lunch right at noon. He often comes up with good ideas.


He’s back!!! Again. Brian 2.0, our own boomerang. A senior designer that has come back strong. Not only as the creative we know but as our new business development guy. And we can’t wait to see him put his two talents together.For the past 10 years he’s worked with clients in the Publishing, Retail and Healthcare industries. Recently, Brian has been focused on Branding and Design in the Healthcare space, working with such clients as Pfizer, the National Cancer Institute and Proveris Scientific. Some very impressive work, but of course we already knew that.

Welcome home Brian, glad you’re back.


Also known as Rob, he is the newest member of the team. Rob graduated from Lasell College in 2012, receiving a BA in Graphic Design. Although he is done with school, he continues to learn while working for a team with many years of experience. On a more personal note, he is currently working towards purchasing a house in East Boston for him and his girlfriend Caitlin. You will find him spending his free time planning out their new home, and occasionally playing golf, tennis, or anything that has to do with a frisbee.


When it comes to solving a problem, Jonathan Carey works hard to seek every possible solution. Being an avid gamer, his problem solving skills help him tackle any situations that are hard to crack. Currently known as a ‘truth seeker’, Jonathan believes that the truth is never impossible to reach.

As our current intern, Jonathan is receiving his B.A. in Communications from Salem State University. He is an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, writing blog posts daily on notorious celebrities advocating on controversial topics. He currently resides on Revere Beach Boulevard to catch that ocean breeze. Other than following the latest trends within the entertainment industry, you will find Jon staying active by swimming laps in the pool or taking long walks around the area.

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