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The Brand Audit

Like all of us, you dread receiving a notice in your mailbox saying you've been selected for an audit. "Why me?" you might bemoan. But what if that notice was sent to you from your own company? Unlike a friendly missive from the IRS, a brand audit is something you should embrace. And instead of...
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And Just What the Hell Do You Do?

During those social occasions when we meet people for the first time, the question of "what do you do?" inevitably comes up. For many, merely mentioning their job titles answers the question. Firefighter. Astronaut. Ballerina. Supreme Overlord of Beta Sector Three. But when I respond with "graphic designer," very often the follow-up is: "What's that?" "What's...
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Why One CDG Employee Scores Thanksgiving 1, Christmas 0

Let me ask this personal and rather leading question: isn't Thanksgiving the best holiday on the U.S. calendar? It's a matter of opinion, I know, but for a moment consider Thanksgiving as the number one holiday. Of course, ask that same question to any kid and he or she will immediately counter with Christmas or...
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halloo-weenah Ah, yes, Halloween is fast approaching. We all have our special Halloween memories from childhood, those beloved scenes of urchins strolling about in flame-retardant costumes wearing masks whose eyeholes never quite lined up with the eyes, of the houses we all counted on to offer the...
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Simplicity Sells

Ironically, one of the most complex tasks we can assign ourselves is to convey an idea as simply as possible. It's a lot harder than you think. Breaking something down to its basic elements and showing only what's pertinent in an entertaining and understandable way requires a lot of effort. A great example comes from The Simpsons....
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A Few Words from a Long-time Employee

I have worked for Cameron Design Group since 1987. Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. If you think that's a long time, you're right. And if you're trying to figure out from that how old that makes me, well, you're probably pretty close. Consider this: back when I was hired, there were no computers. The fax machine was...
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