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5 Everlastingly Appealing Elements You Should Apply in Your Design

1 Let’s face it: there is no “right” or “wrong” design. Design is never a strictly black-and-white subject. There is no right answer. Effective design lies somewhere in its playfulness, variability, and flexibility. Sometimes an unlikely group of disparate elements can yield unexpected and pleasing. Does this...
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Nostalgia never fades: take advantage of it for your design

Everyone is familiar with TBT (Throwback Thursday). Social media newsfeeds are crowded with grainy, tinted and blurred old photographs. It’s a trend that any brand-conscious company shouldn’t ignore. Why? To answer this, you need to recognize the power of nostalgia and how to take advantage of it for your marketing campaign and design. Read more

5 Principles to win over customers with design

55 Nowadays, customers aren’t easily satisfied with just good products or services. They want something more: sensitive, emotional, and experiential. That’s why company brands are increasingly dedicated to creating a comprehensive customer experience. Here are 5 principles to win over customers’ preference through design using best practices as...
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The evolutionary story of Google Logo

  1-2 A logo represents a company’s identity, the sum of its products, services, and brand. A good logo offers visual recognition without all the lengthy and unnecessary details. As companies progress and achieve higher market positions (oftentimes branching out in different directions), so should their logos reflect...
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5 Ways to utilize illustrations leveraging your business

1 Most people might dismiss illustrations as simple, pretty pictures you see in magazines or children’s books, and are inappropriate for business because they’re not “serious enough.” However, with proper design, illustrations can be sophisticated enough to leverage your business, making your brand stand out and...
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