BU Global Toast

Usually, when tasked with a new campaign we begin a creative process that includes multiple variations of the provided theme. For the Boston University Alumni Association, we were given the task of creating a unique campaign for their yearly Global toast event.

We at Cameron Design Group sat down and brainstormed many great ideas, but we narrowed them down to 6 or 7 and created backstories to go along with the concepts. From a secret society to kidnapping the beloved BU mascot Rhett, we fleshed out several fantastic options.

Below, we have shown some of those concepts, along with the accompanying materials. We just felt that we couldn’t keep these under wraps, and thought that this project was a great way to show how the creative minds here at CDG work.


Shhhhh. We’re a ‘Secret’ Society” Theme

Attention World!

They’ve been around since the founding of BU. A group so secret and selective, no one has ever heard of them…Until now.

A new, not so bright, leader has taken charge of this long-standing secret society and he wants to throw a party! So much for the secret…


“Boston Accent” Theme

The Boston Accent is not just an accent, it’s a lifestyle. Everyone in New England who speaks with varying degrees of this “No R” accent has a swagger about them. They tend to leave off “r”, and sometimes add one in another place. Other times, ohs sound like ahs and add wicked whenever possible.

So after spending 4 years at Boston University you have become an old pro at this lifestye. Relive it!



“Circus” Theme

Come on Come All to toast our alma mater. When you graduated from Boston University did you ever think about joining the circus? Probably not but, if so, one can only imagine what you would qualify to do? An animal trainer, a juggler, a trapeze artist, or maybe a fire eater? No doubt you would have been a circus star!

Here is your ticket to the BU Global Come One Come All to the Greatest Toast on Earth,the Boston University Global Toast.


“Drink Locally, Toast Globally” Theme

Reinforces the concept of how each alumnus, no matter where his or her spot on the planet is, shares a connection with all parts of the globe, from great cities to remote villages.

“We Are Family” Theme

All families are different with many different types of people in them. However, your BU family includes many different types of people but with one common gene, a Boston University gene.

It’s a grand family, a community of people who lived, studied and learned together for 4 years. That is a special bond. A bond worth toasting.

What member of the family are you?

The Endearing Dad

The Super Mom

The Happy Go Lucky Daugher

The Hilarious Son

The Rich Uncle

The Sassy Aunt

“We Have Your Dog” Theme

A radical and extremely dense environmental group called the Extreme Green Brigade has unfortunately mistaken the Global Toast for “global warming,” and has kidnapped BU’s mascot, Rhett, in a desperate move to force BU to end its “destructive global toasting practices.” While every effort is being made to free Rhett from his captors, we still urge the graduating class and all alumni to participate in this year’s Global Toast. You can join our effort to convince Rhett’s kidnappers that THE GLOBAL TOAST REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GLOBAL WARMING by visiting www.bu.edu/globaltoast.


“Where’s Rhett” Theme

Rhett has a problem. He can’t decide where to attend the 2012 Global Toast! So Rhett has followed the example of that clever chameleon Waldo and decided to travel to them all. Can you find Rhett?

Finished Pieces

toast_posterdrink cards

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