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5 Everlastingly Appealing Elements You Should Apply in Your Design

1 Let’s face it: there is no “right” or “wrong” design. Design is never a strictly black-and-white subject. There is no right answer. Effective design lies somewhere in its playfulness, variability, and flexibility. Sometimes an unlikely group of disparate elements can yield unexpected and pleasing. Does this...
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Nostalgia never fades: take advantage of it for your design

Everyone is familiar with TBT (Throwback Thursday). Social media newsfeeds are crowded with grainy, tinted and blurred old photographs. It’s a trend that any brand-conscious company shouldn’t ignore. Why? To answer this, you need to recognize the power of nostalgia and how to take advantage of it for your marketing campaign and design. Read more

The evolutionary story of Google Logo

  1-2 A logo represents a company’s identity, the sum of its products, services, and brand. A good logo offers visual recognition without all the lengthy and unnecessary details. As companies progress and achieve higher market positions (oftentimes branching out in different directions), so should their logos reflect...
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5 Ways to Visualize Your Big Idea

021216_Blog_5 Way to Visualize-01

Are you having a hard time finding ways of accurately conveying your complicated ideas? Actually, a proper visualization can help not only organize your ideas but also help your customers to understand your concept easily, which in turns enhances the...

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Throw Back Thursday – Data General

This Thursday we take another trip down memory lane by dipping into the vault. Back in 1988, the Hubble Telescope had just gone into operation, movie tickets were $3.50 and computers were getting more and more visibility in the workplace. This throwback project comes from the now defunct Westborough-based Data General. Read more

Catalyst Counseling of Connecticut Logo

We’re excited to debut a new logo that we just created for our friends at Catalyst Counseling of Connecticut. CCC offers therapeutic counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. Specializing in working with those struggling with mental healh conditions and relationships. 020916_Blog_Catalyst Logo...
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Logo Throw Back Thursday—JCPenney

In an attempt to turn around flagging sales in 2010, newly appointed CEO Ron Johnson undertook a complete rebranding and repositioning of the tried-and-true retailer. From a brand recognition (and sales) standpoint, the constant change has unhinged the pretty solid brand recognition that JCPenney had enjoyed from a respectable 84% in 2010, to 76% in 2011...
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Logo Throw Back Thursday—Fedex

The Post Office, Pony Express, Western Union, Fedex. The evolution of how your grandmother sends you your annual fruitcake during the holidays has been massive. It used to take weeks to get something from coast to coast, which might explain the density of said fruitcake. Created by Richard Runyon in 1973, the original Federal Express logo...
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Logo Throw Back Thursday

100815_TBT_Coca Cola_Full   Cola-Cola – What’s Old is New Again Even though summer is making its exit here in New England and we’ll soon be back praying that the red line that we’re on doesn’t break down, we know that what goes around comes around. From its first, thought out...
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