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Words Can Be So Slow (But Pictures Can Be Noisy)

I was listening to a Jackson Browne CD last week and a particular chorus line struck me. In his song titled The Late Show, he sings about friendships and how sometimes when trying to reach out to people, ‘words can be so slow’.   This is in a completely different context but it got me thinking,...
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Simplicity Sells

Ironically, one of the most complex tasks we can assign ourselves is to convey an idea as simply as possible. It's a lot harder than you think. Breaking something down to its basic elements and showing only what's pertinent in an entertaining and understandable way requires a lot of effort. A great example comes from The Simpsons....
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A Few Words from a Long-time Employee

I have worked for Cameron Design Group since 1987. Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. If you think that's a long time, you're right. And if you're trying to figure out from that how old that makes me, well, you're probably pretty close. Consider this: back when I was hired, there were no computers. The fax machine was...
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