Logo, Identity and Brand, What’s the Difference?


Here at Cameron Design Group we design logos, we design corporate identities, we develop branding (among other things). Sounds good right? But what do these terms mean?


Sometimes we get stuck in our own little worlds when we talk about what we do. It happens to most people, in most industries. We get complacent about the terms and concepts we use everyday and assume that the person who we’re speaking with understand what we’re talking about. Until they don’t. Being able to articulate what you do is imperative in a world of sound bites. So, here you go.



Your logo is the simplest visual representation of your organization. Whether it’s a mark, your name or even a mascot, it’s the most recognizable aspect of your company.



An identity encompasses all of the different physical elements of that organization. Your logo, business cards, website, package design, etc. These are the physical elements that your customers interact with.



Then we come to “Branding”. The term has become ubiquitous to encompass everything visual, but actually it’s the intangible elements that make up your brand. It’s understanding the needs and wants of your customers. It’s how your customers view you. It’s the sum total of your customers experiences with your organization, from how you answer the phone to how response time when something goes wrong.

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