Nostalgia never fades: take advantage of it for your design

Everyone is familiar with TBT (Throwback Thursday). Social media newsfeeds are crowded with grainy, tinted and blurred old photographs. It’s a trend that any brand-conscious company shouldn’t ignore. Why? To answer this, you need to recognize the power of nostalgia and how to take advantage of it for your marketing campaign and design.

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  1. The power of tapping into emotions: Nostalgia, a sentimental longing for the good old days, plays at the heartstrings and can be the antidote for a bad day or can simply lift one’s mood. Strategically utilizing nostalgia can be an opportunity to create an emotional connection with potential customers. Memories, stories, and old songs tend to generate interest.
  2. The benefit of turning nostalgia into a group action: Ask your customers to celebrate TBT with you. Inviting them to share their memories will tell you a lot about them, a key resource for market research.
  3. The wisdom of creating new memories while keeping traditions alive: Learn from the past. Looking back and examining what has worked can potentially spark inspiration for future achievement. Also, reminding your customers of old associations with your brand might motivate them to interact with you again.
  4. Tips for nostalgic marketing:
  • Be on time: Photos must be shared on Thursday.
  • Be trendy: Always use the hashtag #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday, or both.
  • Be old: Images should be archival.
  • Be consistent: Stick to one image/memory per week.

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