The Brand Audit

Like all of us, you dread receiving a notice in your mailbox saying you’ve been selected for an audit. “Why me?” you might bemoan. But what if that notice was sent to you from your own company?

Unlike a friendly missive from the IRS, a brand audit is something you should embrace. And instead of calling your tax attorney, you should call your designer.

What is a brand audit? A brand audit is a critical, unvarnished look at your company in the mirror, sort of like the time you stopped saying you can carry those extra pounds and finally admitted you were getting fat. It’s a fairly harsh process. A brand audit helps you determine how your business is perceived and how that perception compares to your competitors; you must examine your company’s reputation, its image, its audience demographics, and it forces you to ask some scary questions about your strategies, prices, costs, resources, strengths, weaknesses, objectives . . . in other words, to question your business’ overall health. Experts generally caution against performing such a brutal self-examination on your own due to biases and the human tendency to see what you want to see, but a checklist you can follow may look something like this. Also, a persuasive case for performing a brand audit can be found here.

If you believe a makeover is in order, a great way to start is by refreshing your brand identity digitally and in print. For that you need a good design team, an agency that knows how to ask the right questions and helps you think through how your company can best appear graphically. That means an overhaul of your logo, typography, color palette, photography, brochures, advertisements, signage, stationery, business cards, packaging, website, icons, apps, and more. The agency you choose really has to be your partner and collaborator, a team you can trust and turn to. And if you think we’re describing ourselves, you are a very discerning reader and should consider contacting us.

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