Words Can Be So Slow (But Pictures Can Be Noisy)

I was listening to a Jackson Browne CD last week and a particular chorus line struck me.

In his song titled The Late Show, he sings about friendships and how sometimes when trying to reach out to people, ‘words can be so slow’.   This is in a completely different context but it got me thinking, are words really that slow?  Has our world become so design centric there is no place for words?

Writers and designers.  The right-side brainers.  The creatives.  Sure, I’m in the design business and always feel I can tell a story with great imagery and simple copy, that’s a given.  But it is true; too much copy can take forever. A, B, and C heads with eight-point body copy in an ad or a direct mail piece that reads like a print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

It’s in my DNA to always question copy length but I also know pictures (and graphic elements) can be noisy too. Today there is a great deal of visual stimuli; and sometimes, it does feel as if it’s overwhelming.  Websites that look like a Sunday circular and cable news channels with scroll bars and sidebars.

Like most things in life, something good is always balanced.  Just the right amount of This with just the right amount of That.

Balance is still out there.  Good work.  Creative work.  Work that just feels right and gets the intended message to the intended target.  It’s fast and it’s balanced.  It’s good.  Keep your eye out for it.

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